Why I’m a Fan of The Voice

March 20, 2012 0 Comments

The Voice

Do you watch The Voice? If not, I highly recommend it and I’d like to tell you a bit about why I’m such a fan of this amazing show.

First, in case you aren’t familiar, The Voice is at it’s heart a singing competition show. There are several contestants and four judges and after several shows from auditions to live performances eventually one artist is crowned the winner. Sound like another popular show? Well, in my opinion it couldn’t be more different.

There are so many things that set The Voice apart from other competition shows currently on TV. The difference is evident right from the beginning.

The show begins with blind auditions, where the singers get on stage and perform while the judges listen with their backs to the stage. This eliminates the effect appearance has on perception. In an industry that is so overly focused on appearance and beauty it is refreshing to have the focus on the voice and the talent.

Every single person who auditions for the show has incredible talent, so much so that I often ask out loud “where have these people been hiding? Everyone should hear them sing!”. Only a few people are eliminated at the beginning, and all are “let go” with whole hearted respect and well wishes. No one is cut down or laughed at or mocked. It’s so refreshing and inspiring.

As the show progresses each performer is on a team, with each team lead by a famous recording artist — Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, and Cee Lo Green. These talented team leaders then coach each contestant to perform to the best of their ability. Yes, coach. (I’m admittedly a bit biased in favor of the coaching model.) And they coach with so much love, admiration, and an incredible amount of well deserved respect.

Sure, there is competition. They even call the competitions “battles”. But what is always missing are insults and put downs. It is rare that the “battles” don’t end with the contestants hugging each other and the judges also hugging the eliminated signers and wishing them well.

Sure, there are corrections and critiques. That is part of coaching. However it is so clear that the driving force is a true desire for what is best for every single contestant. Each coach has an honest desire to help each performer see his or her dreams come true.

It is so easy to turn on the TV and see people being insulted or laughed at, or even worse to see violence against other human beings. When I watch The Voice none of that is present. Instead I’m reminded that there are so many incredibly talented people out there living their art. There is something really magical about watching creative dreams be supported and celebrated.


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