We’re On The Same Team :: Weekly Inspiration Week 6

February 12, 2013 0 Comments

Husband and wife are on the same side


Marriage is hard work. There is no way to sugar coat that one. For all of you married folk out there you know this to be 110% true.

My husband and I have our fair share of arguments. Fortunately there haven’t been any huge arguments in our repertoire. Nonetheless, there have been plenty of what I prefer to call really heated conversations (and not I’m not referring to heated in the fun way).

My husband is quite skilled at arguing. There have been many occasions that I have yelled at him in exasperation that he would have made a hell of a litigator.

On good days, when the arguing starts one of us will stop and say “Can we be on the same team?”

Arguing is part of every marriage. But sometimes the arguing takes on a life of it’s own. Sometimes I forget that my husband and I are working towards the same big goals.

The pause works. The reminder that we are in this together. That neither of us really wants to win.

The truth is that if one of us wins then the other person loses. And that just doesn’t really work in a marriage, does it.


What does it take for you to remember you are on the same team as your partner? 


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