Weekly Inspiration 16

February 6, 2012 0 Comments

These are days by Natalie Merchant

These are days you’ll remember
Never before and never since, I promise
Will the whole world be warm as this
And as you feel it,
You’ll know it’s true
That you are blessed and lucky
It’s true that you
Are touched by something
That will grow and bloom in you.

~Natalie Merchant

These words have been repeating in my head since starting the 10-Day Family Re-Charge with Erin Goodman. These are indeed the days that I will always remember. The days that have changed me, helped me grow in ways I never expected, brought me to tears and graced me with immeasurable joys.

Take a moment and enjoy the full song as preformed by the incredible Natalie Merchant.

Wishing you all a wonderful week!

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