Weekend Gratitude List

January 24, 2012 0 Comments

Lately I’ve been stuck in thoughts of lacking, mostly around the fact that our landlords have told us they want to sell our house, forcing us to move, again, this summer.

Whenever I find myself falling down the slippery slope of thinking about everything I don’t have, I do my best to turn my thoughts around to all that I do have, as well as all the little things I do well.

Here’s my list from the weekend:

  • A brother and sister who play so well together much of the time
  • A husband so passionate about his work he went off on a Saturday afternoon to work on a presentation he will deliver in Ireland in a couple weeks
  • An amazing group of supportive women I’m honored to be a part of
  • Folding laundry right from the drier, into a laundry basket, and then putting it away
  • Our new family movie night tradition, with one of my favs., Mary Poppins, on the bill
  • Trader Joe’s frozen pizzas for the kids, and some Charles Shaw for Mama
  • Fresh white snow
  • A small house that allows us all to be together most of the time
  • Day dreams of my own conference presentations and Ignite talks some day.

I live in so much abundance.

In gratitude and peace.

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