Weekend Fulfillment

September 29, 2013 0 Comments

It’s no surprise that I think about fulfillment a lot.

I’ve certainly had a lot of conversations about fulfillment.

Fulfillment has become a touchstone for my life.

The simple question “when did I feel fulfilled today” helps. Sometimes, it just hits me.

This weekend fulfillment showed up in ways you might not expect.


Kids in sleeping bags


  • Letting my kids watch cartoons all morning cuddled up in sleeping bags.
  • A “sleepover” with my daughter in my bed, while my husband and son were away at a Cub Scout campout.
  • Giving our living room a good deep clean.

Sunday is just over half way finished. The weekend is coming to a close. I haven’t done anything spectacular. The weekend has been wonderfully ordinary. And I feel very full.

Where did you find fulfillment this weekend?

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