Fall Vision Retreat

A retreat for your soul.

  • What would it be like to have a clear vision for what you want from the next few months?
  • What would it feel like to connect with other women for an afternoon of creating exactly that?

Fall Vision Retreat October 5 in Columbus Ohio

Sometimes you need a break, an afternoon to reflect and get clear on what you really want, from yourself, your relationships, your work.

On Saturday, October 5, I’m hosting an afternoon retreat where you will gather with a supportive group of women to create a clear vision for what you desire for your fall.

We will play with images in magazines, clip, trim, paste to create a vision board to guide you through the Fall and into Winter.


What is a vision board?

Vision Board Pieces

A vision board is a collage of meaningful images gathered from magazines, catalogues, or photos that act as a visual representation of what you desire more of in your life. This might mean goals you want to achieve, but more often it is a direction you want to move in — the way you want to feel and be in the world.

There was a time when I tried making vision boards but didn’t find them useful at all. Then a friend suggested I create more structure and focus around my visioning work. This simple suggestion made all the difference for me and now I deeply believe in a vision board’s potential power.

My favorite vision board story comes from one I made in late winter of 2012. At that time I was feeling a deep need for roots, to make some meaningful local friends, and to feel like my family and I were standing on stable ground. We had moved 3 times in 3 years and our rental at the time felt nothing like home. On my vision board I had the simple word home and image of a couple sitting outside around a fire-pit, and yet another image of women chatting while enjoying wine and appetizers.

vision board made in 2012

Creating that vision board solidified my desire to buy a home and put down roots in the city of Columbus, Ohio. I longed for stability and knowing where I would live for the next several years. I also really wanted great neighbors and a good community to help my family thrive.

Just two months after making the vision board my husband and I put an offer on our current home. We moved in a couple months later and now live in an amazing community with the best neighbors I’ve ever had.

I know that there were several things already in place to make my desire become reality — money saved, good credit, a lease ending. I also know that getting clear on what I wanted and creating my vision was the push needed to help everything fall into place.


Are you ready to get really clear on your vision for the fall?

Gather with me and other supportive women on Saturday October 5th to create a vision board and take the first step towards reaching your desires.

All materials will be provided for you as well as some healthy snacks and beverages, as well as some special gifts created just for you.

I will provide guidance and suggestions for bringing clarity to your desires and help you create a vision that speaks for you. I will help you set your intention and remove distractions so that you are open to seeing your guiding images.

After you complete your vision board you will be invited to share your vision with the group. Sharing your dreams helps breathe new life and support into them. Sharing your dreams helps make them real.

What: Fall Vision Retreat

When: Saturday October 5, 2013 2 – 4:30pm

Where: 1020 Dennison Ave., Columbus, Ohio (address needed)

Cost: $35

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Dinner After the Retreat

Want to extend your retreat into the evening? Join me for some good food, drink and conversation.

After we complete our vision boards anyone interested can join me for dinner at one of the Short North’s best restaurants. We will walk up together and share a meal. Email me if you are interested. Your meal is not included in the price of the retreat. Please bring a form of payment with you. I will handle the reservation and other arrangements.