The Real Life Yoga Journal

September 12, 2012 2 Comments


My 30 Days of Yoga is seriously rocking my world.

Truth be told it isn’t easy to keep it up Some nights I never would have done my practice if I hadn’t made the commitment.

My commitment, along with the powerful benefits I am reaping from my daily yoga practice, keep me coming back faithfully to my mat.

Like all of life my yoga practice has highs and lows. This isn’t about perfection. It is all about real life.

Take Day 6 for instance. I set the kids up with dinner and moved into the living room to do my vinyasas. At first I thought they were eating nicely, that all was going beautifully.

Then the yelling set in. I stopped mid vinyasa to go yell at the kids to “STOP YELLING AND EACH OTHER AND JUST EAT YOUR DINNER!!!”. Super calm yoga mind at it’s finest.

Cooper, the “helpful” informer, quickly explained that Ellery was making him sick by showing him her chewed up food and dipping her noodles in her apple juice.

Calm yoga mama then proceeded to tell Ellery she couldn’t eat dinner any more and marched off to the kitchen with her plate, still full of food, in my hands. Um, yeah. Backed myself into a great corner with that one. Really, no dinner?

After taking a couple breathes in the kitchen (yoga mind slowly returning) I brought Ellery her food and calmly apologized to the kids for yelling and told them to finish up their dinner while I did my yoga.

I returned to my mat, huffing and puffing for reasons other than vinyasas, and jumped back into my practice. Fortunately the kids conversation turned to etiquette lessons from Cooper, with Ellery a happy student, and I had a great rest of my practice.

Most days I’ve been doing my practice after the kids are in bed, the vinyasas serving as a beautiful transition between my life as mama to my “me” time. It is a wonderful bridge, helping me feel strong and accomplished at the end of the day.

Plus, with the kids in bed the chance of interruption is minimized greatly. This is the real life yoga journal after all.


Have you been keeping up with your 30 Days of Yoga? What does your real yoga journal look like? Share your experiences in the comments or over on my Facebook page



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  1. Lindsey says:

    It’s good to hear about other people’s real life yoga practice. I often come home from a class at my local studio all blissed out and almost immediately fall into a mode of reacting to whatever had been happening (or not happening!) at home while I was gone. *sigh* It’s the art of practice, right? Doing it over and over, learning and re-learning. 🙂

    • kelly says:

      Definitely learning, re-learning. I also think it is making it all a part of your life, and life isn’t meant to be perfect, is it. The hard thing for me to learn is that the blissed out feeling is not any less because I get frustrated later. I also have to believe that my frustration is a little less than it would be without the yoga.

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