Summer Vacation is Coming!!!

May 3, 2012 0 Comments

My son was home sick from school for two days last week. Thankfully he wasn’t super sick — just a spring cold.

I, on the other hand, was perfectly healthy but felt totally crummy. I couldn’t get anything done, felt flighty and scattered, and even a bit stir crazy from hanging around the house with a sick kiddo.

I’ve grown so used to our weekly rhythm. (Cooper goes to school. Ellery and I come home from dropping him off. Ellery takes a nap. I have some quiet time to myself to work.) So when it was thrown off last week, so many other things felt off balance too.

With Cooper home sick, and me floundering in the looseness of our days, it suddenly hit me — we are in the final stretch of the school year! And while kids and teachers are eagerly counting down the last days of school, I am looking forward with apprehension to days with no outside source bringing some structure to our days.

Summer vacation is coming and frankly, I’m scared.

Don’t get me wrong. I am super excited about warm sunny days and being outside as much as possible. But I’m nervous because I know that I am not very good at creating a rhythm by myself. I do much better when there is an outside force, like school, to move our days along.

This summer I’m determined to do things differently.

I want to create a rhythm that works for all of us.

I want to plan fun activities to keep my kids organized and excited, as well as quiet time to regroup and recenter.

I also want to do fun things for me.

In the past I’ve focused on planning fun things for the kids — trips to the pool, the zoo, classes at the Metro Parks, ice cream, water fights, crafts, play-dates, and on and on. While all fun, these aren’t exactly the activities that get me excited or fill my soul.

This is why I created Your Summer Manifesto, the e-course. I created it for me. I need the reminder to put myself into the summer plans.

Are you feeling nervous about Summer vacation? Are you ready to make sure that you remember yourself in your summer plans?

Join me in Your Summer Manifesto e-course. You deserve it.


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