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April 17, 2013 3 Comments

I met Stacie Florer, a metalsmith, jeweler and writer, through a blog hop Brigitte Lyons hosted several months ago. Ever since I have followed and admired her work from afar. Then, she posted something on Facebook (damn if I can remember what) that jumped out at me and told me I had to have her on The Fulfilling Life.

My intuition was right on — talking with Stacie was a great idea. 

Stacie has a warm and gentle disposition and I found her so easy to talk to that we chatted for a long time both before and after her interview. She shares some really wonderful insights on living a fulfilled life and shares her very real and down to earth perspective openly, which really helped me connect with her.

Enjoy getting to know Stacie and her thoughts on what it means to live a fulfilled life.



Fulfillment means bringing something forth into actuality.

This is the definition of fulfillment that resonated most with Stacie. I have to say that I like it a lot too.

My favorite bit of wisdom that Stacie shared she reiterated at the end of the interview too.

Follow what you do when you don’t have to be doing anything. ~ Stacie Florer

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This week my challenge for you is to do just that.

What do you do when you don’t have to be doing anything?

Follow that and see what you find. You may just find yourself feeling a lot more fulfilled along the way.


Stacie Florer, Soul to Substance, jewelry, fulfillment, The Fulfilling LifeStacie Florer did many things to make a buck before she ‘woke up’ to her heart’s gifts — creating jewelry and art and writing about the journey inward. Now Stacie is a metalsmith and creates jewelry that is bold and earthy. She writes about her work and her journey surrendering into and exploring her inner terrain at Soul to Substance.

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  1. Stacie, I loved seeing you, listening to you, and hearing what you had to say. It was almost like seeing you in person. Wonderful!

  2. Stacie says:

    Thank you so much, Kelly, for the opportunity to talk with you regarding how to live a fulfilling life..I sure enjoyed the interview…think that the work and attention you are bringing to this all important question is awesome…thank you again!

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