Spring Break

March 22, 2012 0 Comments


This week is Spring Break for my son. I was a bit nervous about the time away from the routine of my son’s afternoon Kindergarten class. But so far the week has been glorious, and full of learning again how important it is to take the time to really listen to my children.

Cooper Coloring

Cooper, my blue-eyed 6 year old, has been full of joy and love this week. This isn’t odd for him. He is a deeply loving and sensitive boy. But, the abundance of joy and his incredibly cooperative nature this week is a bit different.

Cooper studying

It has me thinking that maybe school is more of a stress in Cooper’s life than I give it credit for. This is a good reminder to practice real empathy with my son, to not look at things from my perspective but to try hard to see them from his perspective. I need to see Kindergarten through Cooper’s eyes more often.


Ellery, my brown-eyed 2 1/2 year old has been fighting a nasty congested cough this week. She’s always been a hearty girl and hardly ever gets sick. Even now she is full of spunk most of the time, in between coughing fits. But, there have been more tears this week, more rests on the couch with  her beloved pacies, lots of waking in the middle of the night and many requests for hugs and cuddles.

Sleepy Ellery

It finally dawned on me that she is probably feeling really crummy. But being 2 1/2 she can’t tell me that.

Our children speak volumes through their behavior. They don’t have the language yet to explain the complex feelings going on in their minds and bodies. Heck, I often don’t have the words to describe what is going on with me.

Cooper and Ellery

This week has given me more than a reminder of the glorious sun (the 80 degree weather has been simply amazing). It has also been a reminder to listen to what my children aren’t saying, and see and feel all that they are telling me every day.

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