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Fulfill Your Year e-course

On January 14 I will begin the process of laying out my intentions for 2013. Won’t you join me?


FulFILL Your Year: Four weeks of mindful reflection to create your vision for 2013, and beyond.

When: January 14 – February 8, 2013

Cost: $35


For four weeks you will receive videos, emails, journal prompts and creative exercises.

You will reflect on the past year, tap into what lights you up and open up to new possibilities.

You will discuss self care, healthy eating, the beauty of small pauses.

You will play with what helps you stay on the path to fulfillment.

All in the comfort of your home or a warm coffee shop. All within a supportive community of inspiring women.


Special Offer!!

Register before December 31 and you will be eligible to win one month of email coaching, FREE!!

Share the e-course through Facebook or Twitter (or both) and receive another entry each time you share. Don’t forget to tag me in your post to get credit.

Here are some sample Facebook posts and Tweets:

I just signed up to FulFILL My Year! Check out this exciting new e-course http://www.kellyjdahl.com/fulfill-your-year

I’m ready to FulFILL My Year with @kellyjdahl ! http:://www.perchedtofly.com/fulfill-your-year

Join me in FulFILL Your Year, a new e-course to help create fulfillment, this year and beyond. http://www.kellyjdahl.com/fulfill-your-year


If you were thinking about signing up, why wait?

I know you want to make the most of 2013. FulFILL Your Year. Register today!

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