Sparrow Magazine’s Spring Issue

March 6, 2012 0 Comments

Last Thursday my amazing friend Emilie and I released the Spring Issue of Sparrow Magazine.

Sparrow on Ice

photo by jfinnirwin

It’s been over a year now since this little bird flew up to us asking to fly free. In this 3rd Issue our little Sparrow is shining brighter than ever. There is so much goodness in this issue, so much inspiration and wisdom and laughter and fun packed into the pages.

It is truly amazing to do this work. To work with these incredible writers. To be the one to give such amazing women (yes, the Spring Issue is all women!) a stage from which to shine. It is an honor.

One of my favorite parts of putting together each issue of Sparrow is creating the Our Contributors page. It’s funny really, because it’s a tricky page to put together from a technical standpoint. I even put it off until the end, because of potential glitches and headaches.

But maybe I put it off because it is the best way to wrap things up. To see each contributor, read their bios (again) and see their beautiful smiling faces. And then, when the page is complete, my very favorite part: I imagine throwing a big party for every person who has been a part of the issue. We gather together, sharing good food and drink, laughing, sharing stories, talking late into the night. All of our amazing readers are there too. Introductions are made, friendships are formed, hugs, laughs, smiles radiate into the night sky.

Creating Sparrow is so much more than putting together some articles and pushing the “publish” button. For me, creating Sparrow is deep soul work. Each article, each photo and especially each contributor leaves an impression on my heart.

Sparrow is about deliberate living after all. It isn’t about going through life lightly and thoughtlessly. It’s about going deep, being mindful and taking it all in, in the very best way you know how. Which is exactly what Emilie and I do when we create Sparrow. And, it’s exactly why we do it too.

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