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May 20, 2013 0 Comments

How to slow down


I snapped the above picture of my husband on Saturday night after I finished putting the kids to bed.

It was one of those bedtime routines that felt filled with whines and resistance — showers that didn’t want to be taken, pjs that didn’t want to go on, teeth that didn’t want to be brushed.

Sometimes the simple task of putting my 7 year old and 4 year old to bed can feel like a tough battle at the end of a long day. Saturday was one of those nights.

When they were both finally tucked into bed — an extra story read, another drink of water drunk, and stuffed animals finally arranged in the right way — I walked into the backyard and spotted my husband, quietly reading by the fire he built for us, underneath the lights he strung in our new outdoor living space.

I’ll admit that my first reaction was jealousy and a little resentment — there he was sitting peacefully while I was battling the kids into bed. Taking a deep breath I let go of those thoughts and instead saw the scene before me — the perfect setting for us to relax on a Saturday night, together.

With the breath I also let go of my long to do list, abandoned the work goals I was plotting while putting the kids to bed (which probably added to the resistance), and decided that what I needed was to just slow down. I walked back into the house, grabbed us both a beer, and set out to sit by the fire with my husband.

We sat by the fire talking into the night. No plans were made. No problems were solved. It was just us, sitting quietly, watching the flames dance and the lights flicker.

Slowing down allowed us to breathe in the sweet relief we needed.

Where can you create a little space for yourself this week? Try slowing down, just a little, and feel the relief it can bring you.


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