Show Me Your Love :: Inspiration Week 5

February 4, 2013 0 Comments

Elizabeth Gilbert quote about love, being seen and loved, love is miraculous

Love is in the air. The calendar flips to February and everything is suddenly pink and red and full of hearts and lacy doilies.

I used to be a Valentines Day hater, joining the ranks of people who curse it as a Hallmark Holiday that preys on the lonely and broken hearted. I thought forced expression of love was trivial and vacant.

Now I take a more light-hearted approach to all the superficial images of love floating around this time of year. I see the hearts and smile. I find myself wanting to send love notes to everyone in my life. Perhaps Cupid’s arrow finally pierced my heart. Or maybe by taking it all a bit less seriously I am learning to let in the joy of Valentine’s Day.

February has me thinking about what love means to me, which brings me directly to the most important love in my life — my marriage.

My marriage is my journey into knowing love.

Love that is so far beyond anything captured in any of the ephemeral images we’re bombarded with every February.

Love that is tender, vulnerable, challenging.

Love for my husband, for our children and for me.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, and all the love that is in the air, I have a gift for each of you.

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