Sharing the Wisdom of Others

December 15, 2011 0 Comments

I have some amazing posts to share with you today. I encourage you to read the wisdom of these beautiful people. Enjoy!

First, my amazing friend Shannon reflects on some ways to slow down and enjoy the darkness of winter in her lovely article Honoring the Gifts fo Winter.

The lovely Becky shares her mantra for getting through the holidays: “Look at what I get to do!” What a wonderful shift!

Finally, there are so many things that I love about Kate’s post, “what I’m not doing“. I love when I read a blog post and feel like I’ve connected with someone and met a new friend. Her blog is new to me, and I must admit that I also love that she lives in my beautiful home state of Michigan!

Inspired by Kate, here is something I’m not doing for the next couple weeks (and maybe some day I can get it to really stick).

I’m not letting my judging voices sabotage me.

When I see the ornament storage boxes that haven’t been put back into the attic yet, I’m not freaking out. When I see that my sweaters aren’t folded and put away in my closet, I’m not beating myself up about it. When I see dust on the Christmas decorations. When I serve up easy to prepare dinners. When I forego my workout and still eat extra cookies.

I’m giving myself a free pass.

A free pass to just relax. To enjoy the beautiful moments of the holidays. To sit next to my children and play with the ornaments on the tree.

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