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In Ohio people smile, a lot. At least this is true where I live in Columbus.

When you walk down the street passers by take a moment to look you in the eye and smile. The smiles are pleasant, genuine, and I swear full of love.

I’ve thought a lot about all the smiling we do here in Ohio. I imagine that the culture shock is intense for anyone who moves here from the east coast. I lived in Boston for a couple years and I remember thinking “What is wrong with me? Why is everyone looking at me?” when I would visit my family in Michigan. (People in Michigan smile a lot too, and look at you when you walk past them on the street, though I think it may be a tiny bit less than here in Ohio.)

I’ve come to love all the smiling, and wholeheartedly take part in it. This simple practice of sharing a smile is all about sharing love.

Like I said, I’ve thought about all the smiling and what it could mean about the people around me. I’ve wondered at times if people in Ohio are more creative, or maybe just more right brained, since the right brain is the center of emotional connection.

I have also wondered whether we Ohioans are more genuine, because we tear down the false barriers society has constructed. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve smiled at the person driving in the lane next to mine, sharing a moment with a fellow driver. It’s more the norm than the exception for two people to take the time to share a smile through glass and into each others tiny mobile world. For some reason we reach beyond the imagined divide.

Maybe all the smiling and connecting is because we live in such wide open space. There are no mountains, no real hills or valleys. Our skies are big and the land stretches on and on. I have a friend who actually feels anxious in the flat lands of Ohio, where everything is so wide open, no hills to peak around, no curving roads leaving you to wonder what is around the next bend.

In Ohio just about everything is out in the open. Maybe we all feel a little vulnerable because of that. Maybe that is why we long to connect with everyone we see. Maybe we need to know that we are seen in this vast world. Maybe we need to know that someone is here with us in all this space. Maybe we are so grateful to know we aren’t alone.

But isn’t that what we all want, regardless of where we live?

We all long to be seen, to not feel alone, to be surrounded by people who want to share their lives, and their love with us.


Mother Teresa quote, peace smile, Peace begins with a smile


When I was looking for a quote about the power of sharing a smile I was amazed by all the quotes from Mother Teresa. She really understood the power of a smile. She smiled in the face of terrible pain and suffering; she shared her smiles with people who truly needed the kind gesture. And in the photos of her it appears that she did so freely and effortlessly.

Mother Teresa saw a smile as love, peace and a connecting force for all humanity. Yes, it’s all there in a smile.

This week share your smiles freely, with the person walking past you on the street, the barista handing you your coffee, your child’s teacher, the person in the car next to you stuck in traffic, the woman behind you in line at the grocery store, the homeless person on the street.

Don’t worry about what others will think. Don’t worry if some people think you’re strange.

Share your smile and share your love, freely and abundantly. And, point your friends to this post so that they can share more smiles too.

Now I’m sending each of you a warm smile to brighten your Monday and bring abundant joy to your week. A smile filled with love and gratitude that you are here in this world with me.


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