January 26, 2012 2 Comments

Our home has been hit by a bad winter cough and cold. We’re taking the cue to rest, nurture each other, stay warm, and allow our bodies the space to heal.

Cooper rests on couch

Cooper rests on the couch watching one of his very favorite shows, Myth Busters.

Resting work spot

One of the great benefits of working from home is being able to sit in a comfy chair by the fire with blankets and my laptop.

Natural cold and cough medicine

Our “medicine”:

Raw honey —  soothes soar throats, quiets nagging coughs, and with it’s own natural antibacterial qualities is super healing.

Dark chocolate — a yummy way to break apart congestion and a natural cough suppressant.

Hope you all are staying healthy and resting when you are called to rest.

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  1. Imene says:

    I hope you get better quickly! I love being home and having nowhere to go also

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