Rachel Cole on The Fulfilling Life

October 2, 2013 1 Comment

Here’s a little secret I didn’t even tell Rachel when we talked last week to record this interview.

You see, I’ve admired Rachel’s work for quite some time. And in July I was at a little gathering in Portland, OR and saw Rachel there. But I didn’t say hello, despite the fact that I really wanted to.

I’m so grateful that I had an even better chance to talk with Rachel about my favorite subject — how to live a fulfilling life.

Rachel Cole is a certified life coach, celebrated retreat leader, and women’s empowerment expert. She speaks with great wisdom, sensitivity, and authority about what it takes to live as a well-fed woman in the modern world. You can learn more about Rachel and her beautiful work at RachelWCole.com, including details about her retreatshops and upcoming offers.

I know you will enjoy hearing Rachel’s take on living a fulfilled, or well-fed life.



Rachel shared so many gems in this interview. I really loved the way that she explained that she treats pleasure as a food group. That is something we should all do.

My very favorite piece was the way that Rachel succinctly defined why living a fulfilled life is so very important.


“I can’t be of service to the world if I’m not fulfilled myself.” ~ Rachel W. Cole

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When you look at fulfillment as an act of service you just can’t neglect the things that help you feel fulfilled, or as Rachel says “well fed”.

Today, take time to really answer the question of what would make you feel really fulfilled. Maybe it’s an afternoon nap. Maybe it’s going out for dinner with your family. Or maybe it’s taking some quiet time with your journal.

Whatever your path to fulfillment, take the time to take a step in your right direction.


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