Rachel Awes on The Fulfilling Life

June 19, 2013 0 Comments

This week I’m sharing my interview with Rachel Awes.

Rachel is a psychologist, author, + art playgroundist ~ who listens to the beauty + strength in peoples’ real stories. You can find her artwork here and her blog here.

I’ve followed Rachel’s work for some time now, after being drawn to the way she weaves together her work as a psychologist and artist.

Enjoy the interview and see how regular self care, listening for joy and playful giggles are part of Rachel’s beautifully fulfilling life.



I keep thinking about how Rachel shared the way ¬†she “listens for the joy”.

“Keep following the pieces where your heart leaps up a little bit.” ~ Rachel Awes

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This can be difficult. Sometimes we make so much noise that it is easy for those whispers to slip by unheard.

Here are my tips for listening a bit better so that you can bring more joy, and fulfillment, into your life.

Practice Being Quiet

Every day set aside a little time to be quiet. This could be sitting in meditation, putting on some headphones and listening to quiet instrumental music, going for a run or walk by yourself, or lying on your bed and staring at the ceiling for a few minutes.

Check In With Your Body

Your body sends you messages all the time. When you are faced with making a decision focus some energy on your stomach, your shoulders, and your face. Is there tension anywhere? Is your stomach feeling uneasy? Is your brow furrowed? Let your body help guide you.

Be Impulsive

If you have an idea, try not thinking too much before you act (of course I’m not talking about big things here). Be playful and try things before you over analyze. By acting you may see that you do, or don’t, like something. Be open to the intuition that brought you the idea being right.


When you take the time to listen, you will hear the joy. Each time you hear the joy it is an opportunity. Don’t let those opportunities slip away.


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