Presenting You

free e-course, presenting you, boost your confidence, share your true self

Registration is now closed for this e-course. Please stay tuned for a self-paced version, coming very soon.



You’re at an event and you find yourself nodding along with a conversation that deep down you don’t agree with.

You sign up for a 5K with a friend when deep down you know what you’d rather do is take a yoga class.

You’re at the mall looking for some new clothes and you find yourself reaching for shirts that look just like the ones you see your friends wearing, even though the fabric/color/fit makes you feel uncomfortable.


The statements above are all a part of my life.

All too often the way we present ourselves to the world is not at all how we want others to see us.

The person you share at work, with acquaintances, in your neighborhood is not always the person you know you are deep inside.


Yes we want to fit in.

Yes we want to make friends.

Yes we long to be loved.


What would it take to present the real you to the world every day with confidence?

It’s time to let the real you shine forth.

It’s time to present the real you!

Join me for Presenting YOU, a Free mini e-course to help you gain a better understanding of who you are and how you present yourself to the world.

All materials, including letters, videos and journal/reflection prompts, will be delivered via email. We’ll also have a private Facebook group to share your thoughts, questions and creations.

We will be creating visions using magazines, catalogues and other materials you easily have on hand. Get your glue sticks ready!

A self-pace version of this e-course is coming soon. Stay tuned!