Kind words from coaching clients:

Dawn Petrill, artist, The Flying Chagall“From [our first] conversation my hope began to grow and I felt myself becoming empowered. I remember you asking if I was dedicated to changing and challenging myself. I said yes with such a conviction that I startled myself. I think I had been waiting a long time to say yes and to reach beyond my comfort zone. And you were that driving force that led me out! Since then I have come such a long way to realizingmy dreams taht I hardly recognize myself. You gave me the tools to climb out of that muddy ditch and forge ahead, one step at a time. I cannot thank you enough for all that you’ve don’t for me!”

~ Dawn Petrill, Columbus, OH The Flying Chagall


Heidi Taylor, life coach/counselor“Kelly helped me to identify what I was allowing to get in my way and supported me in our time together to get the results I desired.  She provided email support between sessions that helped me to continue my work outside of our sessions in incredibly tangible ways.  I know that the changes I am seeing in myself and my business are due to having Kelly Coach me.  She is that good!”

~ Heidi Taylor, Ontario, Canada



“i love that you let me ramble and vent and yet still somehow keep it all together, make sense of it all and give me a new perspective for looking at my issue. to have a sense of closure but in a way that opens other avenues of thinking is quite rewarding. especially because i admittedly, used to go into our initial conversations with some doubt that it would go anywhere. not because i doubted you per se, but because i doubted anyone could relate to, let alone provide some guidance or bring clarity to my thoughts. and you do with such genuine empathy and grace. so my heartfelt thanks is off to you! i am so grateful for this shift in thinking that I’ve opened myself to and so grateful to you for introducing and guiding me through it.”

~ B.S., Pittsburgh, PA



“It was December 2011 when I was browsing the internet, reading my favorite blogs and learning about creativity and authentic self direction. I happened upon an article Kelly wrote from her online magazine Sparrow. I followed the link to her blog/website and was filled with excitement as her enthusiasm for what she does jumped from her page. I contacted Kelly to set-up a one-to-one session. It January 23, 2012 when I began my journey with Kelly, officially! I have done one-to-one calls, enjoyed the Summer Manifesto and Fullfilled e-courses and really enjoyed the Openings small group calls. Kelly has the distinct ability to listen “whole”fully with her heart to what you are actually saying but also to what lies beneath your words in your own heart and soul. She connects with each individual in such a nurturing, caring and accepting way. I have learned a lot from her perspective and have grown in different areas of my life building off her guiding words and observations. A talent that Kelly also has is the way she summarizes what you say into a nice little package that is easy to understand and provides a type of a-ha moment to work with! She has taken me from… both feet planted on the ground and unsure, to taking a chance…to exploring and learning more about myself as I climb and perch on different branches of life… getting ready to take off and fly!”

~ Stephanie P., Atlanta, GA


Raves about Openings

“Openings provided me an opportunity for much needed reflection and sharing. Kelly is a gifted and insightful facilitator.  She is skilled in the art of hearing the soft voice of a soul. She gently helps you to listen to it in a way that is both practical and meaningful.

Thanks, Kelly!”

~ Jeanne C., Brighton, MI


Accolades for my E-courses:

“I benefitted by the course because it helped open my eyes to what ‘I’ wanted.”

“I can’t wait to talk to you more about what I’m uncovering through the journal prompts. HUGE stuff!!!”

“You organized this very well and had me thinking about things I hadn’t thought about actively in far too long.”

“I really liked how you tailored the course as we went along. It really showed that it wasn’t just a cookie cutter e-course, that you were paying attention to what was happening among the participants.”

“I am uncovering so much more than I expected. Thank you so much for sharing this e-course with me!!!”

“It’s all coming together…slowly but surely. I CAN see myself in Dec. having accomplished amazing things!”

“I’m really starting to see that my schedule and routines are so important to being productive (or not). Thanks Kelly, for giving us the tools to see the big picture and begin living our dreams!!”

“I have been in a positive frame of mind for the day and it really as affected my energy level. I am getting more done and feeling more alive.”

“this course is for sure part of that layer of support of supporting myself in new ways and stimulating my mind and heart in a more structured way”

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