Plant a Kiss Day 2013

May 1, 2013 5 Comments

Plant a Kiss Day 2013

In the spirit of Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s work, 18 bloggers set out to “Plant a Kiss” in the world on April 29. We each did something we thought would spread a little extra joy, color, connection, poetry, or magic in the world. Then we watched to see what would happen!

Today all of us are posting about that experience. My thoughts are below.  Click here where you can find links to all of the participating bloggers and hop around to see how each woman was uniquely inspired to celebrate Plant a Kiss Day.


I’ve always been a fan of the random gift. A friend who brings me flowers just because it’s Thursday. The impromptu lunch date because my schedule opened up. Treating my kids to ice cream when they haven’t even asked. Not to celebrate, or reward, or any reason really other than life is good.

For Plant a Kiss Day I wanted to share this random gifting with strangers. Since I typically spend Monday mornings at my neighborhood coffee shop working, I saw my perfect opportunity to bring a little joy to some people’s day — free coffee!!

I sheepishly explained to the baristas my plan, hoping that gifting people free coffee wouldn’t make their jobs any harder. They were all too eager to participate. I explained that I wanted to remain anonymous — the thank you was not something I was looking for. Instead, I asked them to encourage the recipients to “pay it forward” and do something nice for someone else, to keep the kindness going.

Once everything was settled I sat down to work, and just so happened to get a table right near the register so that I heard what most customers said when they learned that their order was already paid for.

Some were confused, thought some kind of mistake had been made, and still tried to pay for their morning caffeine boost. Others were joyous, saying “this is awesome!” and showing excitement at the thought of passing it on later that day.

My favorite moment was the very last customer to benefit from the Plant a Kiss free coffee.

When I explained my plan to the baristas one told me that they have another regular customer how calls this sort of thing RAKs, for Random Acts of Kindness. He frequently comes in and puts $5 towards others’ orders, declaring it a RAK day.

Wouldn’t you know that he was the very last one to receive free Plant a Kiss Day coffee. His kindness came right back to him.

And, that’s how it works, isn’t it. When I openly give, I get the beautiful opportunity to receive. Sometimes the receiving is the harder part. But when we stay open to both, giving and receiving without expectation or wanting, that is when the joy is able to move in.

So, go Plant a Kiss … and find endless Bliss!!

Thank you Sherry for creating this beautiful tradition and the invitation to participate in spreading joy on Plant a Kiss Day.


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  1. Kelly, this is SO fun and uplifting! I love how you created joy ALL DAY LONG as the kindnesses just kept going. What a clever and delightful idea. Thank you so much for bringing your bright spirit to this Plant a Kiss Day!!!!! 🙂

  2. Kelley says:

    Beautiful! So love that a kiss-planter received the last kiss – full circle kisses are the best kind!!

  3. bonitarose says:

    brilliant idea… love it!

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