My Grateful Heart

November 1, 2012 0 Comments

Happy Halloween from the Dahls

Last night my family and I enjoyed all the fun Halloween festivities. My kids had a blast trick or treating in our new neighborhood. It was amazing to be in this place where we see friends running up and down our street, kids laughing and complimenting each others’ costumes, parents looking out for everyone’s kids.

Earlier in the week it dawned on me that in many ways Halloween serves as a sort of kick-off for the holiday season here in the States. We are quickly moving down hill towards Thanksgiving, then the December celebrations with Christmas as the centerpiece in our family.

Looking forward to the holidays I’m already making space to create a solid intention around how I want to feel and how I want to support my family during this time of great joy, and also lots of stress.


In this spirit I’ve created a new November practice — My Grateful Heart.


My Grateful Heart, November gratitude practice


I already have a simple gratitude practice every night before I go to sleep. This month I find myself wanting a little bit more.


Beginning the holiday season holding gratitude in my heart and expressing it to the world feels so right.


For the next 30 days I will be posting a simple gratitude for the day. I’m keeping myself open to the form. (Gratitude cards? A gratitude tree for my children? One gratitude or many that I’m feeling that day?)


I would love for you to join in and spread the word.

  • Share your gratitudes on my Facebook page and in the comments on my blog.
  •  Tweet your gratitudes using the hashtag #mygratefulheart.
  •  If you will be posting on your own blog I’m happy to do a link-up so we can all share in the joyful gratitude.


My Grateful Heart — the perfect way to begin the holiday season.

Will you join me with your grateful heart?

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