Mind Break

July 20, 2011 0 Comments

I’m giving my mind a little break. See, I read a lot. A whole lot. Blog articles, Sparrow Magazine article submissions, books, emails. Starting a business even has me reading legal documents and federal tax forms. Yikes!

I thrive on the written word. It is my ultimate joy, m life source, the life blood that at times seems more valuable than food and drink.

Seriously, I love to read. But sometimes I get brain overload and need a little break.

So I turn to reading. Yup.

At the library today picking up some books I requested for my son I wandered through the mystery section and picked up a couple of light mysteries to indulge in. They are easy reads, fluffy and just what I need sometimes. I started this one immediately, and have this one to look forward to.

I’ll still be reading all the other stuff too. But I’ll have my sweet book candy to sink into when I need it as well.

How do you give yourself a little break? What guilty pleasures do you have? What little mind break could you give yourself today?

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