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When I first came across Mara Glatzel’s work the first piece that struck me was the fact that she openly shares the fact that she is a life coach and an MSW. This may not seem like a big deal to any of you, but to me it was revolutionary.

You may not know that I too am a life coach who is an MSW. When I first started my business I didn’t think talking about my educational background was appropriate. For some reason I felt like my traditional schooling, my Masters in Social Work, didn’t fit into the coaching world, despite the fact that I knew without a doubt that my education and professional work has prepared me incredibly well for this work.

And there was Mara just coming out and saying who she is without hesitation. A life coach and an MSW.

Talking to Mara showed me that this is how she operates in this world. She looks at who she is and what she wants from life and goes after it. She lives her life according to her rules. She is clear that this isn’t easy, but also encourages us all to see that it is so very possible.

It is my great pleasure to share Mara and her wisdom with all of you today.



Mara has a beautiful way of un-complicating things for me. When she said that she takes “insanely good care of herself” my first thought was, oh, I can’t do that. But when she explained that part of taking good care of herself includes brushing and flossing her teeth, it was clear that self care doesn’t have to be complicated.

We all have a self care routine. What would it take to make taking care of yourself in simple ways a priority?

Mara is so right that the self care conversation has gotten a bit out of hand. But, that doesn’t negate the fact that taking good care of you is a crucial piece of living a fulfilling life.

By taking care of herself Mara has been able to live her life according to her own rules. She has created a life that fills her up.


“It wasn’t too much, asking for a life that really reflected me.” ~ Mara Glatzel

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Feeling good from the inside out is possible. Living a life that fills you up and allows you to glow like Mara does is possible too. And it doesn’t have to be complicated.

What could you do today to take a little better care of yourself? How could you shift your daily care routine from mindless activities to a loving gift for yourself?

How would your life open up if you felt worthy of asking for more? Are you ready to ask for a life that really reflects you?


Mara Glatzel appears on The Fulfilling LifeMara Glatzel is a life-coach and the creator of the Body Loving Homework E-Course. She works with brave women looking to chase what lights them up, and cultivate deeply satisfying lives. In creating this sacred space for women to thrive, she’s bringing a masters in clinical social work, her spot-on intuition, and the lessons  picked up along the way as she built a relationship with herself grounded in self-trust. Catch up with her on facebook, twitter, or join her body-loving mailing list for secret swapping and insider news.


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