Presenting You — Make It Real

You’ve done the work in Presenting You and you’re feeling energized, ready to make some real changes in your life. You can clearly see the person you long to be. You know you can do it.

Then the doubt creeps in. 

  • Will you be able to make the changes you want?
  • There are so many goals, how can you do it all, now?
  • Your life is already over-full. How will you find the time or energy to go after your desires?


The support you need to make everything you’ve been working on REAL is here.


Presenting You — Make it Real

May 20 – June 3

Clear away your doubts and banish disappointment.


This group is the solution to your yearning, to take what you’ve learned about yourself in the Presenting You e-course further.

I’ve heard from so many of you that the Presenting You e-course is helping you come to really big life truths. I know you are feeling inspired. That’s why I want to take your work further — to support you in bringing your vision to life.


I know you’re ready.


With the support of a small group and individual coaching from me, you will distill which goal you want to work on and create a clear plan to make it happen.

The Presenting You — Make it Real group will take the life changing content in the Free e-course and give you the extra support and accountability you need to begin making the positive change you crave in your life.


You can be the person you aspire to be. You can have the life you desire. I’m here to support you.


I know sometimes you uncover new truths about yourself and your life, and it feels amazing. But then you don’t know where to go. Oh yes, I’ve been there.

For me, the biggest changes come when I have a supportive group around me. Even bigger change comes when I have my own coaching, a one-on-one confidant who I can bounce thoughts and ideas off of, and who shows me everything I can be when I’m feeling like things are just too hard.

How do you make the changes you crave? How do you avoid the disappointment of doing some work and then having it fall flat?


The Presenting You — Make it Real is designed to avoid disappointment and bring you a greater sense of control over your goals.


What will the Presenting You — Make it Real group include?

  • Two group coaching calls led by Kelly, with time for individual feedback. Calls are Monday May 20 at 8:30pm EST and Monday June 1 at 8:30pm EST and will last 60 – 90 minutes. (worth $100)
  • One 30 minute individual coaching call with Kelly. (worth $50) 
  • Periodic group email support including additional materials and support.
  • Individual email coaching with Kelly. (worth $50)


All for $97

All For $47

I will be limiting the Presenting You — Make It Real group to only 10 participants. Once the spots are filled the group is closed, and the amazing work will start happening.

If you want in, don’t wait.


Questions? I’m happy to answer them. Send me an email at kelly{at}perchedtofly{dot}com.


Change is possible. Could the Presenting You — Make it Real be the catalyst you’ve been waiting for?

Join Presenting You — Make it Real today.