Lessons In Experimenting

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About Lessons in Experimenting

Lessons in Experimenting is a four week free e-program designed to help you open yourself up to making small changes in your life.

So much of the time we approach change with fear and apprehension. And with good reason. Change can be hard. But, I believe that when we approach change as an experiment it brings a lightness to it that helps us move past the fear and bring wonderful new things into our lives.

The Lessons in Experimenting program is delivered right to your email in-box every week. In each email you will find information about my thoughts on Experimenting as well as 1 experiment to try for the week. Following the first experiment the emails will include a link to a video created by me discussing all the possible learnings from your experiment.

The Experiments are designed to be both easy and approachable and challenging enough to help you think about something in a new way. They will also hopefully help you start some new positive habits.

All you have to do to get started with Lessons in Experimenting is sign up above (below the beautiful blue box where it says “Sign Up Here”). You’ll receive your very first email tomorrow.

Happy Experimenting!!!