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Have you heard about Kickstarter? It is an amazing organization that helps artists, musicians, business owners and all kinds creative visionaries raise money to make their work a reality.

Erik and I have talked for some time about having a Kickstarter budget. We strongly believe in funding artists and visionaries and that creativity is essential to life. But, until yesterday it was only talk.

Then I stumbled upon this video and recognized Erik’s ex-colleague, Slim. I remember Erik talking about Slim’s project, Realizing Empathy, and knew it was time for us to help fun a Kickstarter project for the first time. I’m fairly certain this is only the beginning of us finding inspiring projects on Kickstarter to help fund.

Slim’s project is so important to me because creativity and empathy are at the heart of the work I do. I believe so strongly in the power of empathy and that we need more empathy in the world.

Here’s something cool about Kickstarter. This year Kickstarter is already on track to raise more money than the National Endowment for the Arts. If you are interested in supporting creative projects I recommend checking out some of the projects. It can get overwhelming, because there are so many amazing ones.

If you want a great place to start funding a Kickstarter project, help fund Slim’s project. He only has until Monday at 11am to fund his project, and he’s really close. Here is some more information directly from Slim about his project:


Seung Chan Lim, better known as Slim, spent 9 years making software, working in computer science and interaction design at MAYA Design where he was the Assistant Director of Engineering.
After some soul searching, he began to ask why he was doing what he was doing, and at the suggestion of a mentor, he went out to do something different, something he didn’t understand. He went to art school.

Out of this experience came a project titled Realizing Empathy, and as the first phase of the project, he is running a kickstarter campaign to print and distribute an ambitious design book that explores
the idea that creativity, innovation, and transformation are all side
effets of our abilities and desires to empathize, and that the act of
making (including making software) is analogous to the act of empathizing.

Through this exploration the book also investigates the ethics of our
relationship to Computer Technology, and proposes a new direction for the field of Interaction Design.

If this project resonates with you, please consider making a pledge!

And if you would like, please help spread the word through your social networks such as Linkedin,
and blogs.

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