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January 31, 2013 4 Comments

Kate Swoboda, also known around the internet as Kate Courageous, is today’s guest on The Fulfilling Life.

Kate has incredible experience as a life coach, writer and retreat leader, and she is one of my professional role models. She is super smart and wise in a very real, humble and down to earth way. The best part is she is also hilarious and so easy to talk to.

Kate eloquently shares how fulfillment all boils down to one word for her. Curious what that word could be? Watch the interview and find out.

Kate Swoboda from Kelly Dahl on Vimeo.


Kate shared so much in this interview. I was particularly touched by what she shared about the ease with which she meets crying. I love this idea of letting feelings flow and can’t help but believe that letting the tears fall more easily also means the joys shine much brighter too.

My favorite quote from Kate came near the very end of the video when she summed up a bit of her own journey to finding fulfillment with these words:

I’ve made a really committed choice to work with what comes up in a very specific way.

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I think it’s quite obvious that Kate not only teaches others to live courageous lives, but she is also living her life with courage every day.

Thank you Kate, for sharing your time and wisdom with all of us.

Kate Courageous, Kate SwobodaKate Courageous is a life coach, writer and speaker who teaches people why “integrity is sexy” and how the practice of courage is revolutionary. Since 2009, thousands of people have visited Your Courageous Life to learn more about working with fear in revolutionary ways through the practice of courage–with the core message being that when you’re trying to eradicate fear or pretend that it doesn’t exist, you’re working against yourself. Her approach is a sexy-soulful combination of intuitive spirituality with brass-tacks, pragmatic wisdom. She defines courage as feeling afraid, diving in anyway, and transforming.

Kate is the author of the Courageous Living Program and The Coaching Blueprint. She’s lead retreats in Italy and California and rocked out leading a breakout session at the World Domination Summit held annually in Portland. She’s currently at work on her first book proposal, training for a half-Ironman and (as always) improving her Italian. You can also follow her to get daily doses of courage on Twitter or Facebook.

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  1. Heather says:

    This is a great interview, loving this series your rockin it and brining us more inspiring people!

  2. Becky says:

    Great interview Kelly! YOu look so pretty! Enjoyed learning more about Kate and bringing in the idea of integrity. It’s one of my values and yet I’m not sure I use it as a compass for me as far as everyday fulfillment.

  3. kelly says:

    Thanks so much Becky! Integrity is a powerful word. I’m learning to take some of what Kate teaches and bring it into my life as a guiding force too.

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