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March 27, 2013 1 Comment

Jess Greene, founder of Seek Your Course, is today’s guest on The Fulfilling Life.

Last summer I had the thrill of being a silent observer as Jess traveled across the U.S. all with the goal of sharing creativity with as many people as possible. From the first time I heard about Jess’s pursuit my attention was captured — I loved watching her on such an incredible journey.

I also watched Jess with a little jealousy, thinking how amazing it would be to do something like that. The beauty of someone like Jess is she shares her experiences with someone like me, who just isn’t in the place to pack everything up and live out of my car for several months.

Sharing adventurous and creative experiences is at the heart of everything Jess does, and is a huge component of her pursuit of living a fulfilled life. It was such a treat to spend time talking about the intersection of fulfillment, creativity and adventure with Jess during her interview. We also connected through our shared experience as middle school teachers.

I hope that listening to Jess will help spark some adventure in your life too.



Jess Greene on The Fulfilling Life from Kelly Dahl on Vimeo.


Jess talked a lot about the importance of having time to reflect on the things that work best for her. She knows that big epic adventures are a huge part of her own life fulfillment. She is also learning that the simplicity of every day life and pursuing work she loves, in her own way, is also a big part of fulfillment.

The overarching theme with both the every day and adventurous is finding a way to really connect to work Jess loves.


“I need to feel like I’m reflecting and learning something — that makes me feel fulfilled.” ~Jess Greene

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I keep going back to Jess’s mission of helping you Seek Your Course to understanding what is meaningful and fulfilling.

What does your course look like? How do you Seek Your Course to fulfillment?

Share your thoughts in the comments. And then go check out Seek Your Course to see if you can find a new way to bring more creativity and reflection into your life.


Jess Greene, Seek Your Course, The Fulfilling Life, fulfillmentJess Greene is the founder of Seek Your Course – where creativity transforms. After spending five years assuring middle schoolers that despite being a sex cell, pollen can’t get you pregnant, Jess now strives to empower all people to engage the creativity inside their minds and craft inspired lives. She is also an artist working in encaustic and book arts. She lives in Western Massachusetts with her husband and two dogs.

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  1. Greetings, Jess and Kelly
    Isn’t it funny how we find a way to do the things that we really love, even if they are on the periphery, as in not a part of our “official” job description! Many of us have followed that path (myself included). Great interview.

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