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I came to know Jamie Ridler and her work through her amazing podcast, Creative Living with Jamie. I’ve logged many hours on the treadmill with Jamie and her inspiring interviewees. Since I’ve fallen off the fitness routine (and am still trying to get back on!) I find myself listening while doing the dishes these days. The inspiration is still there, oh yes.

Jamie’s podcast is a piece of the inspiration behind this very interview series. Her conversations with creative women, and some men, stand as a beautiful example of how much can be learned by inviting conversation, by asking about another person’s life, and by learning, oh so much, from their stories.

When I asked Jamie to be a part of my own interview series and she said yes I literally screamed out loud. Today, I’m just as excited to share my interview with Jamie Ridler with all of you.

*Note: there was a bit of Skype interference in the first part of the interview and I needed to edit some out. What remains is rich and vibrant and I know you will love everything Jamie shares about living a fulfilled life.


Jamie Ridler on The Fulfilling Life from Kelly Dahl on Vimeo.


Jamie pointed out how much our bodies speak to us about fulfillment — I just love this. She shared that she feels fulfillment in her body first, that her body feels a pull towards the things that bring her fulfillment. And, on the oposite side she feels a pushing or squishing down when there is something getting in her way or something just isn’t working.

During our conversation the two of us kept touching our heart center, rising up as we did so, when we talked about fulfillment and authenticity and following our dreams. Try the movement now. Can’t you just feel fulfillment move through you as you stretch your chest toward the sky?!?

Jamie created a picture in my mind of fulfillment as a seed that is helping us grow into what we are meant to be. I know that image will live on with me.


“We all have a seed inside ourselves and we just feel that urge to become what the seed is meant to become.” ~Jamie Ridler

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Now I’d love to hear. What seeds are waiting to grow inside of you? What are you feeling pulled towards? And what will it take to create the situation for you to take the first steps towards seeing it play out?

Share your seeds of fulfillment in the comments. I know that sharing is an amazing way to help your seeds grow.


Jamie Ridler on The Fulfilling Life with Kelly DahlJamie Ridler is a professional creative living coach who is passionate about authentic living and creativity. Jamie channels her energy into online invocations to a more creative life, creating space and opportunity for each of us to discover and express our creative selves in new and powerful ways. On her popular podcast, Creative Living with Jamie, Jamie shares tips and strategies for creative living and interviews both aspiring creatives and rock stars like Julia Cameron, Brene Brown and Danielle LaPorte about their creative lives. She wants us to know we’re not in it alone. On Creative Living TV, Jamie makes it easy for us all to tap into our creative nature by sharing fun, fast and easy lessons on everything from discovering your rhythm to finding inspiration in just one minute. She also keeps the Jamie Ridler Studios blog thriving with creative activities, inspirations and practices, as well as offering workshops (in-person and online) and coaching to help people find the courage and confidence to become the star they are – in their work and in their life!

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