Inviting Silence In

July 15, 2013 1 Comment

Silence is important, choose silence daily, silence nourishes and refreshes, William Penn quote


One of the most difficult things about motherhood for me is all the noise. It is fairly constant and often feels unrelenting.

Years ago when I was an 8th grade teacher, I ended almost every day in silence.

I didn’t yet understand what it means to be an introvert. Defining my introverted nature was not necessary for including quiet in my day.

I loved teaching, but being around other people all day hugely depleted my energy. All I could do at the end of the day was literally stare at a wall for about 15 minutes.

I no longer have the benefit of a bell ringing at the end of the day and a quiet classroom where I can sit quietly, recharging my batteries in silence.

Unless I’m really conscious about seeking it out, there is little time for quiet in my everyday life as a mom and business owner.

Too many days the only silence I get is in the shower or on the toilet, and even then the silence is usually interrupted by one thing or another. I may end the day with silence, but what I need is to work more silence into my day, not just as a precursor to sleep.

Focusing on rest this month shows me that I need to make more room for silence in my life.

What will my silence look like?

  • sitting on my bed, with the door closed, for 5 minutes of solitude
  • reading after the kids go to bed instead of turning on the TV
  • driving in the car with no radio
  • going for an early morning walk, without my earbuds in
  • sitting with my children and setting a timer for 2 minutes of silence — because they need to learn the beauty of silence too


What could more silence bring you? How can you bring a little silence into your daily life?

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  1. Jacki says:

    That driving in the car with no radio, that one is key for me. Or weekend mornings, when my body still wakes up by 6 am, but I refuse to get out of bed. No one else is awake and I just lay in bed and read. Now if I could just get through the four seasons of Heroes, I could turn off the TV :).

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