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January 7, 2013 0 Comments

Open yourself to imperfection, Kelly Dahl, Perched to Fly



Today, open yourself to imperfection, if only in a small way, and see just how much easier you can breathe.


It’s a new year. The perfect time to change things up a little bit.

I’ve been running Weekly Inspiration quotes for quite some time now. In fact, on last count I was up to 54.

This week I’m starting over at Week 1.

So, what have I changed? I’m going to try using my own words, quoting myself instead of someone else. This allows me the wonderful chance to look through my own writing, look back, reflect and learn from myself. It also allows me to introduce those who might be new around here to some of my previous work.

The quote above is one that I find to be great for the beginning of this new year. It comes from this post, where I expound on just how much I loathe folding fitted sheets.

Being open to imperfection is a wonderful thing to embrace at the beginning of the year. If there is one thing I can guarantee you, there will be imperfection in 2013. Oh yes, lots of it.

In this first full week of the year I’m sure there are people still going strong on their new year’s resolutions. One of the biggest challenges I see in making resolutions is the desire to be perfect in the goals.

Quitting smoking, getting to the gym 5 days a week, drinking 100 ounces of water every day. These kinds of resolutions demand perfection.

One slip and the resolution is over. Failed. Wait for next year and try again.

What happens when instead you open yourself to imperfection?


When you open yourself up to imperfection you get space. Not only to screw up, but also to succeed. 

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Being open to imperfection means you get to try again. You get to learn. You get to grow. You get to try something different and see how it goes.

And that, my friend, is to succeed.


How can you open yourself to imperfection this week?


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