I Love Pink, and Other Lessons from Peonies

June 8, 2012 0 Comments

What is it about Peonies?

Ellery and I anxiously awaited the blooming of our peonies. There were nearly daily checks, and each day Ellery announced with mild disappointment “They’re not growing yet!”

Of course they were growing. It’s the blooms we were waiting for, those tightly bound balls of promise.

There is something wonderful about the verbal missteps of 3 year olds. My current favorite is she says awesome for almost. “I’m awesome finished eating, mama!” Couldn’t we all use more awesomeness in our daily lives?

It’s amazing how Ellery gets so excited to check the peonies’ progress. Because really, she has no idea what is coming.

Another brilliant thing about 3 year olds — almost everything is brand new, even if it has happened before. She simply trusts what I tell her. Flowers are coming and she will cheer them on.

And then it happened. We went to check the peonies and there they were. Five spectacular blooms. So worth the wait.

Ellery screamed and jumped up and down for a good five minutes. Then she ran to tell everyone that the flowers bloomed. “They’re pink! They’re pink! They’re pink!”

Not only did the flowers bloom but they exploded in Ellery’s favorite color. Pink. Vibrant pink. No kidding around pink.

We decided to cut the blooms and bring them inside, so that we could relish in their glory.

I have never considered myself a pink kind of girl. In fact as a kid I remember consciously not choosing pink. Too expected. Too popular. Too girly.

But now I love pink. Or maybe, just maybe, I finally let myself love pink

These bright pink peonies, they are just filled up with love, aren’t they. Big, gushy, over the top love.

They’re a bit of a tease though, wouldn’t you say? They make you wait and wait and just when you are ready to give up they burst upon the scene and they don’t hold back.

Just like when you are falling in love, waiting and waiting to see how things evolve. And then one day you just explode with all your love, you can’t hold back any longer, you scream it from the rooftops. “I love you!!”

This weekend take a look at your life. Look for your own peony buds, tightly bound and full of promise, glorious, radiant promise.

What can you give yourself to help your buds bloom?

Are you waiting for the perfect moment? The perfect situation?

Are you waiting until you feel like you’re ready?

Do you fear people aren’t ready for what you have to offer?

Stop, and let go.

Let yourself bloom and your true colors shine for all of us to see.

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