How To Fold a Fitted Sheet

March 13, 2012 1 Comment

About once a year, probably even less than that, I manage to fold the fitted sheet for our queen size bed perfectly.

I must admit that I have read countless articles on the art of folding a fitted sheet. I’ve watched YouTube videos. I’ve practiced. I’ve folded, failed, and started over again and again. Most of the time I fall short. Frustrated, I typically ball up the fitted sheet and stuff it onto a shelf.

Today I’m here to declare that I no longer care about the condition of my folded (or balled up) fitted sheet.

True, some people make a living off of teaching picture perfect housekeeping techniques. Heck, Martha Stewart has made a large fortune off of the art of keeping a perfect home.

But frankly, I’m sick of the pressure.

I don’t know about you, but I really couldn’t care less if my linen shelf is perfectly neat of not. After all, no one sees it but me. (Well, except you all now. Here’s a little peak.)

Linen Closet

Sure, it’s important that the sheets and blankets and beach towels fit on the shelves in a way that allows me easy access to what I need. Yes, it’s true that if things get too messy blankets and pillows will start spilling out into the rest of my closet. But my fitted sheet? Does it really matter if it is folded smooth and flat, looking like a picture in a magazine?

I emphatically answer NO!

The condition of my fitted sheets (or pantry shelves or sock drawer or medicine cabinet) is not a reflection of me or the value I offer the world.

Today I give you permission to let go. To accept. To move on.

In this time of Spring Cleaning go easy on yourself.

  • Don’t forgo laughing with your children to get the linen closet perfectly organized.
  • Don’t miss out on connecting with your partner to neatly stack cans and containers of food.
  • Don’t neglect time to honor yourself in favor of neatly arranging the bottles and jars in your medicine cabinet.

Today, open yourself to imperfection, if only in a small way, and see just how much easier you can breathe.

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  1. I so needed this post. Thank you very much. My closet in my condo is spacious but the former owner put in this completely inaccessible wire rack at the very top. Time to dive in and remove it and start over.

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