How Do You Play?

June 17, 2013 3 Comments

play reveals who we are, Ovid quote


This quote challenges me. I’m enjoying chewing on it, figuring out what I think about it.

I’m quick to admit that play is hard for me.

I’m realizing more and more (especially since choosing play as my theme for June) how wrong I’ve made myself for not being “good” at play.

There are times that I feel like I’m missing something. Like, did I miss that free-spirited, humor-filled, light-hearted gene?

Focusing some of my energy on play this month has shown me ways I play that I didn’t realize before.

  • When I’m in a new and unfamiliar situation I take a playful approach, almost without thinking about it.
  • When I play I like to really let go, and let someone else lead the way for me.
  • When I play sometimes I prefer to be alone and quiet and introspective.

I am beginning to see that there isn’t anything wrong with me. I just play a bit differently than others. This doesn’t mean I’m broken or boring or too serious.

I’m still not sure about the quote above, and I’m definitely not sure what the way I play reveals about who I am.

I think I’ll play with it some more, and see what comes forward.

How do you like to play? What do you think your play says about you?


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Comments (3)

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  1. gwynn says:

    I love how you are exploring play more! I think of play as exploring, experimenting, being curious. Play isn’t just about dolls or legos. We play in cooking, we play in our garden, we play in so many, many ways yet don’t realize it.

    Love this! <3

  2. liv says:

    sometimes i play with words, sometimes with paints, often in the garden but the very best kind of play is when i don’t do anything but let go and join in with my childrens play – laughing about what they laugh about & step outside of “busy momma” into the moment.

  3. Adam Lehman says:

    Love this! PLAY is something I talk about daily. For me, play happens in anxiety’s absence. Pressure, stress & tension still exist in PLAY, but anxiety is absent.

    I see it as the emotional consequence of being secure in your identity. I can play in my work and relationships when my identity isn’t at stake.

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