Holiday Coaching Special


The Holidays are all about joy, peace and happiness, or at least that’s what this time of year is supposed to be about, right?

When you think about the fact that there are only 6 weeks until Christmas day, do you feel an overwhelming sense of joy, peace and happiness? Or, if you are like me, do you feel more overwhelmed, wondering “How am I going to get everything done?” This year, it doesn’t have to feel that way.

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Why am I offering such deeply discounted support?

In 2009 trying to create the perfect Christmas for my family sent me over the edge. I remember very clearly the moment I knew that things weren’t right.

2009 was a hard year for our family — a job loss, a move to a new state with no friends or family near by, a new baby and a preschooler. When Christmas rolled around I wanted so badly to create a perfect happy holiday for my little family.

I wanted every moment to be special. I wanted life-long memories to be made. I wanted to show the world that I handled all the stress and came out shining. The truth was, inside I wasn’t shining at all. 

Trying to create a perfect holiday was an attempt to cover up my deep struggles as a woman without a community of friends or family, and two children who needed a lot from me every day. I saw a perfect Christmas, for my children, and my parents who came to celebrate with us, as the key to proving to myself that everything was okay.

When I screamed my head off and threw a pan crashing down the basement stairs in the middle of making an extravagant Christmas dinner it became really clear to me that everything was not okay. Somewhere I got the mistaken impression that if I could act the part of happy mom and wife and produce a holiday experience even Martha Stewart would be proud of, I could be okay.

In the years since I’ve worked really hard to let go of the images I see everywhere — the advertisements, the craft ideas on blogs and Pinterest, the stories of happy holidays I see on Facebook or Instagram. In letting go I create space to define my own version of holiday joy, peace and happiness. 

This year, I am offering a gift to you. My support in creating a holiday season that feels good for everyone in your family.


Holiday Coaching Special

Because I don’t want anyone else to scream and throw pans down the basement stairs. (Or simply feel the stress we’ve begun to accept this time of year.) I’m offering one-on-one coaching support to help you get clear about the kind of holiday you desire, for yourself and your family.

4 Coaching Calls for $50

  • 1 – 60 minute call
  • 2 – 15 minute calls, to keep you on track with your Holiday intention
  • 1 – 60 minute call after the holidays to see what you learned about yourself and carry this into the New Year.

Total Value: $250

Special Holiday Pricing: $50


How Will the Holiday Coaching Work?

First, I will send you a series of questions to help you clarify your goals for Holiday Coaching. In short, I will ask some questions about what you love, and loathe, and the holidays. The questions will help me get to know you better, and also get a sense of the kind of holiday you want to create.

Then we will share a one hour phone call (or if you are in Columbus an in-person meeting at my new shared office space) to get clear about your intention for your holiday. We will clarify and define how you want to feel during the holidays, and formulate action steps to encourage the positive feelings you desire, and eliminate the stressful ones.

I will send you a detailed written recap of our call that you can use as a guide over the next few weeks. When confronted with choices (like making 10 dozen cookies, or not) you can refer to your call recap to keep yourself on track.

We will follow up with 2 short 15 minute phone calls to check in and make sure you are staying true to your holiday vision.

Again, I will send you a detailed email recap of our calls, with any action steps you want to take or reminders to relax and take care of your needs during the holidays too.

After the holidays we will connect again for a 1 hour call to review what you learned about yourself, what worked and what didn’t, and see how you can take this knowledge into the new year. Following this last call I will send your last detailed call re-cap, providing you with a concrete document of your work.

Our time coaching together will give you new tools to use to stay calm, prioritize your desires and feel more balanced during a time of year that typically leaves you feeling overwhelmed. The skills you gain during our coaching will serve you at all times of the year.


What do others say about Coaching with me?

“As I had hoped, working with you has made me accountable. It also gives me the freedom to just lay it all out there – not just for the sake of laying it out there – but for the very specific purpose of finding a next step. You provide the perspective and takeaways that I need so I don’t just dwell, or worse: freeze up.”  – H.M.
“I am so grateful for this shift in thinking that I’ve opened myself to and so grateful to you for introducing and guiding me through it.”  – B.B.
“You gave me the tools to climb out of that muddy ditch and forge ahead, one step at a time. I cannot thank you enough for all that you’ve don’t for me!”  – D.P. 
“Kelly helped me to identify what I was allowing to get in my way and supported me in our time together to get the results I desired.”  – H.T. 


Create your holiday calm.

I believe that the holidays can be stress free. I believe you can create a holiday that brings joy to everyone in your family, including you.

Click the Buy Now button to give yourself the best gift this year — a calm, peaceful, happy and joyful holiday. 4 Coaching Calls for $50