Grateful for Organizing Tools

November 13, 2012 1 Comment

iPhone Organizational Tools


I am so grateful for the little tools I use every day (at least when I remember) to stay organized.

I’ve finally accepted the fact that my brain does not naturally remember everything I need to do in a day. I’ve also accepted that my brain is not good at coming up with systems for organizing everything I need to do. My typical method is jotting down ideas in many notebooks, where they often get lost in the pages. Not so effective.

This is why I depend on theĀ geniusĀ of others to stay on track.

I’m also grateful that there are multitudes of orgazing tools ready for me to try. Because I know that at some point everything gets stale and no longer works for me.

For those interested, my current fav. iPhone list making app is Clear. Love the colors and the ability to shift my priorities around as my needs and goals need.

Now, back to my list to see what I need to do next!


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  1. Heidi Taylor says:

    Hi Kelly,

    Thanks so much for sharing some of your favorite ways to get organized. I have not seen some of these apps so I will be checking them out for sure. I am a big fan of Evernote, but I am curious about Clear…

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