Fulfilling My Year, and My Life

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Today I’m honored to share a guest post from Jacki Hayes. Jacki and I met a couple years ago at a blogging conference and have stayed connected ever since. She was a recent participant in my FulFILL Your Year e-course and here she shares a bit about her experience, as well as the inspiring work that she has grown out of completing the course. Be sure to check out her amazing new virtual bootcamp. I can’t wait to participate too! Thanks Jacki!!


I started 2013 sitting in a diner in Seattle (not my normal Midwest location), eating a scrumptious breakfast and contemplating the year that had past and the year to come.  As I plowed through my omelet, I was struck by the feeling of joy.  Joy at how far I had come in the last twelve months, and joy at how far I would go in the next twelve.

Let me just say, being proud of the last year in my life was something I hadn’t felt in many, many years.  And anticipation and excitement for the year to come, that was new as well.

In twelve months, my life from the outside didn’t really look all that different, but my inner life, WOW, it was like I was a brand new person.

Of course, as I sat in that diner, there was a bit of trepidation, a fear that I had all this optimism and energy but I wouldn’t know what to do with it, and even if I did, I just wouldn’t follow through.

Thank goodness for Kelly’s FulFill Year course.  She came swooping into my life just in time.  Starting January 14, we set our intention for the next four weeks, a contract with ourselves.

Have you ever noticed just how effective contracts are?  Well this one really was.

As the class continued, I often felt overwhelmed by all that was happening in my life and that I wasn’t contributing and participating as fully as I could.  I didn’t realize just how impactful the class really was having in my life.

You see, starting with that very first lesson of setting an intention, I had jumped into my life with both feet.  Each lesson after kept that ball rolling, without me even realizing what was happening.  I was grabbing onto my life with all the optimism and hope that I could and running with it.

I wasn’t sitting at my computer dreaming of better days, lying in bed wishing for something different, or feeling lost and miserable as I drove myself to work.

I was moving forward, making things happen, and understanding that each little step added up to something HUGE.

When we were asked to create a five minute wish list of the activities that would fill our perfect day, I knew that it was time to take an even bigger leap.  I stopped putting off the desire to enroll in a personal training certification course.  That day, I got on the phone and enrolled.

I had just pushed up the deadline and timeline by three full months.

And I have yet to regret it.

The lessons of FulFill Your Year taught me that you can’t wait for life to happen to you.  You have to go out there and get it, even if you have a list of 20 reasons why it won’t work.  Or 50.

There is always at least one reason why it will work.  That is the only reason that matters.

FulFill Your Year also taught me that I have so much more to give to others than I realized, that I had been hoarding years of knowledge, compassion, and good old hope.

So it is time for me to share what I can with the world.

On May 1st, I am kicking off my very first virtual unhealthy-habit-busting bootcamp.  It’s called Create Change Bootcamp.  It’s for all of us who know what we need to do in order to live a healthier life, but for whatever reason, just can’t get those changes to stick.

I would love for you to stop by and check it out.  This is the only time that I will be offering the course for free and I want to make sure that all of Kelly’s readers have a chance to participate.

Of course, you also need to sign up for Kelly’s next course, because without her help, I would still be lying in bed wishing for something more.


Jacki HayesJacki attempts to eat healthy, in between dark chocolate and sea salt bars, and is an ISSA personal trainer-in-training. She gained her Master’s Degree writing about religion and female comic book heroes and loves the Phineas & Ferb soundtrack.  She can be found at www.beautyinstrengthfitness.com, or send her a tweet at @JackiRHayes.

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