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April 20, 2012 0 Comments

I have some bits of beauty from around the internet to share with you this week, some pieces that have inspired me and that I think you will enjoy too. First, here’s my favorite photo from my week:

Twirling Ellery



Kelly Rae Roberts wrote this week on growing as a mother and looks back on just how far she has come in her first 18 months as a mom. I love her raw honesty when describe the emotional side of becoming a mother and so often find myself nodding right along. Becoming a mother is raw, life changing, and heart expanding indeed.

i choose hope and some thoughts on growing out of baby mama wings.

This blog post is simple and brilliant. It’s the kind of thing that should get printed out and hung up for many to see (in the lunchroom at work? in public bathrooms?)

15 Things you Should Give Up in Order to be Happy

I love this idea. I think it’s time for me to start leaving some love notes around. How about you?

Library Love Notes

Heather gives a wonderful reminder to take some time for You. It is crucial for everyone in your family. Sometimes it is hard to remember that just 30 minutes can really make a difference. I encourage you to take some time for You today (and every day).

My 30 Minutes

Lastly, my beautiful friend Emilie just went on the trip of a lifetime — one week of yoga and surfing in Mexico. You really should read every single one of her posts about her trip. Her words will transport you to Mexico and allow you to experience the entire trip right along side of her. It’s much more than a trip to Mexico. It’s the story of Emilie waking back up to herself, of inspiration and what happens when you really allow yourself to take in what you need. Here’s the first post, but definitely read them all.

Estoy En Mexico

I wish you all a brilliant Friday and joy-filled weekend.


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