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February 17, 2012 0 Comments

I only have two Friday links to share with you today. In looking them over again I think together they are a great reflection of where I’m at right now. It has been a very busy few weeks, and frankly I’m just feeling a bit drained. Thankfully we are off for a weekend visit to our old home of Pittsburgh to visit lots of museums and reconnect with our wonderful and very dear friends. And that is just what I’m needing right now.


photo by Hannaford

My Friday Links:

Becky has wise words to share for when you are feeling small. As a person who cycles in really big, and often rocky, waves, this one really hits home. I’ll be hanging on to her tips for the next time I feel like crawling into a cave.

What to do When You Feel Small


This post made me cry. I think I might need a little of what she got. I’m working towards it, but the room of women getting messy with paint….I want In. Once the tears passed I fully took in Kelly Rae’s wise and simple words. I am not here to be someone’s hero. I am here to be me.

No Heroics Necessary

Have a beautiful and restful weekend. May you fill up your own cup.

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