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April 8, 2013 0 Comments

What to do to get the things you want, Franklin D. Roosevelt quote, it isn't sufficient just to want

It isn’t sufficient to want — you’ve got to ask yourself what to do to get the things you want.

~ Franklin D. Roosevelt


Spring has finally arrived here in central Ohio. The daffodils are in full bloom, tulips are adding to the color parade and the temperature is finally above the 50 degree mark.

There is something about Spring that makes me feel like starting up new projects, cleaning out every inch of our home and starting a new fitness routine. As the temperatures warm up and the forsythias start to bloom, all cheerful, yellow and full of hope, I start to plan, create and make bold moves forward after a winter spent at a slightly slower pace.

Spring is a generative time. 

There is no shortage of ideas and I even feel energized enough to think I can do everything. There are home projects and landscaping projects, new exercise goals and cleansing foods to prepare, not to mention stacks of books to read and creative projects I’m dying to work on. And that doesn’t even touch everything that I want to do with my business — I have lots of fun new content and programs to share with all of you.

All this Spring energy is exciting. You can hear it in the birds cheerful song in the early morning hours and the delighted chatter of children finally able to spend hours playing outside at the neighborhood parks.

In order to really tap into to all the generative energy of Spring you need to move deliberately and take real action on all of your arousing ideas. Otherwise you can end up overwhelmed and depleted when Summer arrives and you realize you haven’t achieved one of the goals you set for yourself back in the early days of Spring.

The magical energy of spring is just the time for doing the work — putting plans into action and making real moves toward seeing your dreams come true.

As the ideas and inspirations start flowing gather them together. Create lists or use tools like Evernote to organize your projects.

Then, take action on one goal or project. If you are like me it isn’t easy to focus on only one project — I’m a chronic multitasker and constantly put way more things on my to-do list than I could achieve in a week, let alone one day.

If you let yourself eliminate your distractions and hone in on one thing at a time an amazing thing will happen — you will start making real progress towards your goals.

This week, take the time to declare the one thing you will accomplish each day. Yes, only one thing.

Share your singular goal in the comments — public declaration is always a good move in the direction of achieving your goal.

Starting today, what will your one thing be? What will you accomplish today?

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