Flo Gascon on The Fulfilling Life

May 16, 2013 0 Comments

To know Flo Gascon is to know a woman who is committed, steadfast, dependable and solid. Flo is a leader, a true and thoughtful friend, and the kind of person to send you a little happy package in the mail, just because.

Flo is also a writer, a retreat and conference leader, and a believer in moms everywhere.

It was such a pleasure to have the chance to connect face-to-face with Flo to talk about how she lives such a fulfilling life. I know you will enjoy getting to know Flo through our conversation.



Flo talked about not chasing the outcome, because sometimes the outcome might not turn out to be what you really want. Instead, you should enjoy the process and do the things that make you feel like you are being true to yourself.

Flo shared that slowing down is a big way that she makes sure that she is living her life in alignment with her true essence. Slowing down creates the space for listening for what you really need. Life isn’t about the big, glorious moments — the simple every day moments are really just as important, and maybe even more so.

One or two really quality sweet loving moments in the day fulfill me to no end. ~ Flo Gascon


Today, I encourage you to take time to slow down. Since it’s Friday and the weekend is stretched out before us, look at what you could eliminate so that you can create some space. There are sweet loving moments waiting in the quiet space just for you.


Flo Gascon, Wide Sky DaysFlo Gascon is a writer and creator of courses for moms who appreciate a fresh approach to their days.

On her blog, she provides tools and ideas to create a peaceful home and satisfied life by breaking out of the have-tos and embracing the want-tos. She shares ways to be the mom you want to be while also paying attention to yourself. Flo knows how hard that can be in the hustle and the bustle of dishes and soccer practice and she is a truth-teller of the way it is. An advocate for the way it can be.

She is also a wife, mother and creator and director of the popular Wide Sky Days family retreats.  Alongside romping with her always-unschooled girls on sandy beaches and wrangling reproducing sticky notes, she takes photos, drinks tea and makes dreamy plans for her life by the sea.

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