First Thoughts on 30 Days::Weekly Inspiration 43

October 1, 2012 0 Comments


Our difficulties are not obstacles to the path;

they are the path itself.

~Ezra Bayda


Last night I completed my 300th vinyasa. Actually, I snuck in one extra for good measure.

301 vinyasas in 30 days. 30 Days of Yoga complete.

I’ve had lots of questions about what I’ve learned from this experience. The quote above captures one of my most cherished learnings, and one that ┬áis perhaps at the heart of the word practice.

For years I’ve had so many excuses for why I can’t have a daily yoga practice. Many of these excuses are likely to come forward again, tomorrow even, as I confront life outside of my 30 Days.

Over these 30 days I’ve realized both these truths:

Practicing yoga every day is really hard.

Practicing yoga every day is really easy.

Just like life, right?

Obstacles come and go. Sometimes the path feels easy. Other times it feels terribly rugged. Either way it’s my path.

Every day I have the power to choose how I greet my path.

The obstacles will be there. I can count on that.

The obstacles are not barriers. They can be traversed, and there on the other side is possibility.

And yoga. Yes, there will still be yoga.

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