Deirdre Walsh on The Fulfilling Life

October 9, 2013 0 Comments

Today I’m so excited to share my interview with Deirdre Walsh. I had the great pleasure of sharing several meals and conversations with Deirdre while I was in Portland, Oregon last summer for the World Domination Summit.

Deirdre Walsh is an integrative health coach. She guides people to transform their relationship with stress. Her work helps people expand to spacious aliveness and deepen to insightful awareness. They connect to more joy and meaning in the life they are already living. You can reach her at

I hope you find Deirdre as warm and engaging as I do — our conversation spanned much longer than what this interview allowed — I wish I could share all of it with you! Enjoy!



Deirdre shared so many smart insights about living a fulfilled life. I keep going back to what Deirdre shared in the very beginning of our conversation, that…

Living a fulfilled life is about learning to trust myself and setting up my life so that I’m playing to my strengths.

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Deirdre ended with a question for all of you. How would you like to bring more mindfulness into your life? Leave your thoughts in the comments. Deirdre and I both look forward to hearing your thoughts.


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