Day 3::Weekends End

September 3, 2012 0 Comments


This long holiday weekend has been the perfect backdrop to starting my new yoga practice. Saturday, Sunday, and this extra wonderful Monday have made adding in a simple yoga practice quite easy.

Tomorrow it’s back to school. Back to work. Back to full schedules.

Will there be room for this new yoga practice of mine?

Just roll out my mat.

Hands to heart center. Breathe. Arms reach to the sky. Forward bend. Look up and lengthen. Fold forward. Hands on the mat. Jump back. Lower to plank. Up dog. Back to down dog.

And Breathe.

Hands planted firmly on the earth. Feet planted firmly on the earth. Strong. Grounded. Ready to leap forward with confidence as far as I can.

Oh yes. There will be room.

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