Day 2::Squeezing It In

September 2, 2012 2 Comments


Day 2 meant:

  • Practicing at 5:15pm, right before going out to dinner
  • Tired after a full day at the science museum
  • Body full of overstimulation
  • Yoga in the same room as the 3 year old watching TV
  • Feeling refreshed and renewed after 10 Vinyasas
  • Strong muscles thankful for moving and stretching

10 Vinyasas complete. Day 2…check!

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  1. ErinJ says:

    Without letting my three year old watch tv in the same room most days, I wouldn’t have a consistent home practice!

  2. pleasance says:

    hey there- thanks for the challenge. I’m in . started day 1 today… so I’ll be a day behind but I also am going to blog/ write about it and share with my community. Thanks lady!

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