Creating a Rhythm, Summer Style

July 3, 2012 0 Comments

It feels like summer really started for me and my family this week.

Perhaps it’s because the craziness that was June is now over.

I think it is because I just finished the incredible experience of leading 59 gorgeous women through Your Summer Manifesto.

Not only was it amazing to lead my first eCourse. But, I also learned so much myself through the process. So much that it actually surprised me.

You see, I went into the eCourse with some expectations of what I would uncover. But, I completely forgot the power of process. I forget the power of a group of beautiful souls opening up, learning with each other.

I’m ready to take on every bit of summer now! We’re creating a rhythm, a loose schedule for our days. We’re starting each day spending time outside. We’re reading and working and remember to just go with the flow too. There are adventures ahead of us, oh yes, lots of adventures.

Have you created a summer rhythm? Do you give any structure to your days? Are there adventures ahead for you too?

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