The Best Tool for Creating and Growing my Coaching Business

October 3, 2013 0 Comments

I haven’t written a lot about creating and growing my coaching business here.

You might know that my training is in Clinical Social Work (I have my Masters in Social Work) and I never completed a formal Life Coaching training program. While my clinical knowledge runs deep and my skills as a coach are solid, when I started out I knew next to nothing about how to grow a practice and business.

Kate Swoboda, known around the interwebs as Kate Courageous, has been my go to guide for learning how to develop the business side of my coaching business. I purchased her incredibly valuable Coaching Blueprint shortly after it was first released, and it stands as my most dependable resource to this day.

Today Kate is expanding her vision for helping Life Coaches by releasing¬† — an online hub for Life Coaches. I couldn’t be more excited.

If you have ever thought of exploring a career as a Life Coach, I can’t recommend Kate’s work highly enough.

To help celebrate Kate’s big launch, I’m sharing our conversation on The Fulfilling Life. Enjoy getting to know Kate and be sure to check out her new site



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