Clean Food Challenge Day Two — Much Better

April 3, 2012 0 Comments

After my rough time getting started, and then a rough head-ache on Day 1, I’m happy to report that things are flowing much more smoothly on Day 2.

Today I had:

Breakfast: 2 rice cakes with sun-butter and strawberry fruit spread, banana, one cup of coffee with soy milk

Lunch: Green Soup, leftover from dinner last night (I really modified the recipe and will try to post what I did later in the week. The soup is awesome!!!), 2 fried eggs

Green Soup

Snack: Handful of cashews

Dinner: Quinoa Spring Salad, roasted cauliflower and yams


Today I had the great reminder of the beauty of cooking in stages. This afternoon while Ellery napped and Cooper was at school I made most of the quinoa salad. I made extra quinoa so that I’d have some on hand for later in the week. Such an easy thing that I rarely do. Also, the leftover cauliflower will go into soup I’m making later this week. Love that!

All in all I feel really good and it’s fun to be cooking and trying some new recipes. I did have some major chocolate cravings today, and I was quite tempted by some baked goods at the grocery. But, I resisted and am glad I did.

How’s your clean eating going?

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